Creating Beautiful Interior Design Scheme Boards

Creating Beautiful Interior Design Schemes

As a designer, we are incredibly privileged to share a totally unique experience with each client. From project concept to completion, it is imperative that a designer understands, excites and enhances a client’s vision and ultimately lifestyle.


A sample board is a key element in this journey. It not only brings a scheme to life for a client at the initial stages, but it is an incredibly useful reference tool for the whole project team including builders, lighting specialists, landscapers and so on. It really is essential and can be used anywhere, from ‘a site meeting to assist in the selection of architectural materials’ to ‘going out and about uptown in the search of those all important finishing touches’.


In our studio we tailor their specification to individual project parameters and client requirements, so we have a myriad of board styles. We have therefore put together just a small selection of some of our work, which we hope gives you a unique insight into our design process.


Conceptual Board

Single or multiple images can be used as an emotive tool at the beginning of a project to conjure up a mood, sense and ambiance.  We used this stunning Pierre Frey “Grand Canyon” wallpaper to introduce a boy’s bedroom concept to our client. Not only did we propose the wallpaper, but drew inspiration from the exquisite hand drawn elements to inspire a scheme of striking colours and materials.



Material Trays

A presentation tray is a fantastic option, when touch and feel are important. It enables a client to experience products and materials; particularly architectural elements where is it essential that ergonomics, function and aesthetic are in good balance. Weight, temperature, shape and texture are just a few of the factors which come into play with the use of just a single door handle!


This proposal was made for an outside pool area and combines a conceptual image with a selection of key materials, ironmongery and fabrics. The Holland & Sherry towelling fabric was a genius upholstery selection for some lounging units; it not only offered essential comfort and durability but also drying power!!!

Fabric Schemes

We love to create three dimensional fabric boards, which are often key to adding a sense of personality to a project.  Traditionally softer elements are sourced at the later stages of a project, but we always advocate they are explored at the beginning. For our studio it is imperative that a space flows with a cohesive design, whether in unity or with contrast. We therefore always recommend that flooring, paints and other architectural elements are considered in conjunction.

We prepared individual boards for each room in this project, where beautiful fabrics from curtains to the piping of an individual cushion were selected. We particularly love the rust and khaki hues of De Le Cuona’s linen, which punctuated each scheme with a gorgeous pop of colour.


Furniture and Lighting Boards

We usually summarise the finer furniture and lighting details on a detailed specification document to ensure that all variable elements such as material, size and price are considered, but sometimes it is useful to have a board where the key elements are summarized.  This beautiful pair of Anton & K armchairs were pivotal to our scheme and simply ooze country cool. We also often include hand drawn sketches at this stage, that can be read in conjunction with the plans and are vital in bringing a scheme to life.


This is only a small selection of the boards we produce, but we do hope you have enjoyed a little taster of our design ethos.




It goes without saying that in the preparation of these design elements, we are never without a plethora of design essentials including pantone pens, drawing pens, a good 5mm white or black foam board, spray mount, presentation boxes, trays… A trip to London Graphics is equivalent to a trip to the local fudge shop in Stow for our boys!


For more inspiration on becoming an interior designer, read more in our blog here or browse our other featured articles here.



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  • Lin Warwick 9th December 2018   Reply →

    I love that Pierre Frey wallpaper – what a great starting point. I like the idea that you do a material tray. What a great idea for showing samples of the components of the design.

    • Camilla Bellord 10th December 2018   Reply →

      Thanks Lin! The wallpaper is such a strong design! We particularly love the black version!

  • Catherine Cornelissen @ Decor A List 10th December 2018   Reply →

    Gorgeous! I also LOVE the Pierre Frey wallpaper.. such fun! It takes me back to my childhood growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia and obsessing over the First Nations’ history. Simply wonderful textures and pops of colour… and I couldn’t agree more with regards to your approach to interior design.. so important that the client is presented not only with exciting mood boards and concepts, but something that is unique to them to call home.

    • Camilla Bellord 10th December 2018   Reply →

      It is so true Catherine. It really is a unique wallpaper design isn’t it!

  • marlene fao 10th December 2018   Reply →

    I enjoyed reading this! A lovely plethora of tools to make the Interior Design experience approach absolutely unique! Takes the pressure off decorating for sure and may as well be the best possible recipe for great success.

    • Camilla Bellord 10th December 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much Marlene! We thoroughly enjoy pulling together schemes that can really help our clients understand what the transformation of their space could look like.

  • I lived in the art store when I was at college and it doesn’t seem to have changed now! I love the scheme you’ve put together, I have a real soft spot for Pierre Frey, and one day…..

    • Camilla Bellord 17th December 2018   Reply →

      Pierre Frey is wonderful isn’t he!

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