Creating Serene with Little Greene

How to freshen up your home with paint

Creating Serene with Little Greene

Mr B and I were up for a new adventure! With property and interiors projects both far and wide, we were not tied to any specific geographic location and the rural idyll lured! The beauty of the Cotswolds is well documented, but it was the lifestyle that was the big draw. So we decided to up sticks and escape to the country!


We found Hilltop House on a cold and blustery Spring day in the lead up to the ‘Beast from the East’. As soon as we entered the house, it not only warmed us physically but emotionally. With an abundance of natural Cotswold stone and original beams, as well as a roaring log fire, it simply oozed charm and character. We both instantly knew it was the one and our future was sealed!


The short-term plan is to redecorate the existing structure, whilst planning for a more significant reconfiguration in the future. We were just beginning to prepare our conceptual boards to progress with our paint selections, when Little Greene approached us about their new “Green” collection. The paint collection, “a gamut of glorious greens in a comprehensive array of hues” is the result of an exciting new collaboration between Little Greene and the National Trust.  The project has drawn inspiration from a wealth of National Trust properties and their contents throughout the British Isles; ranging from Beatrix Potter’s Cumbrian Farmhouse to a dress made from a thousand fallen beetle wings. It has resulted in an unrivalled selection of 31 beautiful shades of green.


Images: Little Greene


Not only does this collection draw on our heritage, but it also helps preserve it for the future. Historical colours have been restored and reinvented; and Little Greene make an invaluable contribution to the National Trust’s conservation work with every sale made.


The launch timing of this stunning new collection was perfect for own project and we couldn’t wait to get started! We have always loved using Little Greene products. Not only are they environmentally friendly and child safe, but their ‘Intelligent’ paints have invaluable wipeable properties; a much needed quality in our home, which is constantly put to the test by our boy’s sticky mitts!!!

To ensure some calm for our busy family of five, we selected Portland Stone for a serene backdrop to run through the main areas of our home. This made for a delicate transition to Putti in the master bedroom suite, including a stunning reclaimed bath in the same shade. Putti’s muted shade of green nods to the traditional colours used in architectural detailing throughout the Cotswolds and works beautifully with the existing internal stone, as well as the stunning views of “pastures green” across the Windrush Valley.



To create drama, we chose some contrasting paint colours to punctuate the scheme.  We used Lamp Black for the lower units in the kitchen and walls in the playroom, as well as Pompeian Ash for the guest bedroom walls. To ensure the house flowed seamlessly, however, we have accessorised these rooms with colours and materials used in the adjoining rooms: two green antique demi-john bottles filled with curled willow in the kitchen, khaki green cushions and aeroplanes painted in Pompeian Ash in the playroom, as well as fresh white linen with delicate inky black detailing in the guest room.




While many a late night have been spent with paint brush in hand, it really has been worth it and we are absolutely thrilled with the results so far. With our refreshing new colour scheme, our home has been truly transformed into the tranquil and calm sanctuary that we were hoping for. It’s now time to fire up the wood burner, curl up on the sofa and enjoy it.



Interior Accessories: Camilla Bellord Interiors
Feather Head Dresses: Robert Langford
Photography: Anna Stathaki & Little Greene

For more information on Little Greene “Green Collection” please click here.

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  • Lin Warwick 27th October 2018   Reply →

    This all looks beautiful – what an amazing house. I love the muted shade of Green you have chosen for the bedroom and the Lamp Black in the kitchen is stunning !

    • Camilla Bellord 28th October 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much Lin! Black is always a controversial choice. But really love how it contrasts with the Portland stone in the kitchen!

  • Jumi Awomosu- The School of Artful Living 27th October 2018   Reply →

    Such gorgeous colours and images! I’m suddenly feeling very calm and serene!

    • Camilla Bellord 28th October 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much! It’s amazing how a simple change of colour can change the mood of a room so well!

  • Donna Ford 28th October 2018   Reply →

    I adore the spaces in your home. Dark moody greys and greens rare my absolute favorite combo!!! Love the history and depth to little Greene shades. Inspiring post!

    • Camilla Bellord 28th October 2018   Reply →

      Donna – thanks so much for your lovely comments. I love a good back story too!!

  • Nicola Capper 28th October 2018   Reply →

    Such gorgeous colours and styling, I could feel very at home here x

    • Camilla Bellord 29th October 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much Nicola! Making a home feel homely is definitely where we want to be!

  • Abi | These Four Walls blog 28th October 2018   Reply →

    Such beautiful colours! I love the combinations you’ve chosen, and the balance of moodiness and calmness – stunning!

    • Camilla Bellord 29th October 2018   Reply →

      Abi – thanks so much for your lovely comments. This new range of Little Greene colours were really great to work with.

  • Rachel - Fresh Design 29th October 2018   Reply →

    You’ve done a brilliant job, the colours and styling all work wonderfully together.

    • Camilla Bellord 29th October 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much Rachel. We are really happy with the combinations too!

  • Jenny Kakoudakis 29th October 2018   Reply →

    Great photos, I love everything that Anna Stathaki shoots – her compositions are always spot on. I am a big fan of Little Greene, more so than Farrow & Ball I have to confess and have used them in as many rooms in my home (also in the bathroom recently!).

    • Camilla Bellord 30th October 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much Jenny! Yes Anna is an amazing photographer! We have used her several times! She has such a great eye for detail!

  • Such an interesting read. I didn’t realise LG had such a strong connection to the National Trust. Lovely to see what you have chosen for your home, the colours have a calm and relaxed feel.

    • Camilla Bellord 30th October 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much Lisa! Isn’t it great when you spend some money on something there is the added bonus that some of the money is going to a good cause too!

  • Stacey Sheppard 30th October 2018   Reply →

    I really love green so I was excited to see the collection from Little Greene. I love the colours that you’ve chosen and I’m glad that your new house is starting to feel like home.

    • Camilla Bellord 31st October 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much Stacey! It was great to use such a gorgeous colour palette in our new home. We love it.

  • Maria 31st October 2018   Reply →

    I absolutely adore green and have used it in our home to help create a tranquil and serene backdrop to the madness that ensues. Your choice of colours and Little Greene paint are brilliant and love how you’ve accessorised and styled your home with these as the backdrop.

    • Camilla Bellord 31st October 2018   Reply →

      Thanks so much Maria! We really love it too.

  • Sam - Dove Cottage Blog 31st October 2018   Reply →

    I’m loving green at the moment! Definitely want to get it in somewhere in my home!

    • Camilla Bellord 4th November 2018   Reply →

      There are so many great shades to choose from too!

  • They have such a great range of paints don’t they? I adore the colour green (funny that!) but actually have only one painted green wall in my whole house, my kitchen nearly ended up green but instead I chose a mid-blue. The LG paint is ace though, I recently created colour boards with their paint range for Reed Harris on the Kings Road, Mortlake yellow 265 and Mazarine 256 sing together.

    • Camilla Bellord 4th November 2018   Reply →

      We all need a little more green in our lives!
      We saw your boards for Reed Harris. Absolutely stunning!

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