Invigorate the senses with an interior Spring clean

Despite recent Arctic conditions, it feels that Spring is finally coming. The longer days, bluer skies and a plethora of Spring blooms all warm the soul with an overwhelming sense of rejuvenation. I use this time as a guide to making some seasonal adjustments to our own home, as well as a fabulous source of inspiration to ensure all our senses are truly invigorated.

Fresh colour palettes

Spring blossom inspires with a wonderful colour palette, predominantly filled with a gorgeous selection of fresh colour tones. I absolutely adore hydrangeas, orchids, ranunculus and peonies, but don’t be afraid to use less traditional blooms, plants and even fruit & veg! A beautiful bowl of purple and green Tema artichokes, a glass vase bursting with succulent Sicilian lemons or a basket brimming with a wonderful selection of Collard greens and cabbage, can be just as stunning! Do take a look at some of our favourites here for more inspiration.



Energising aromas

Flowers are not only a visual delight, but their intoxicating aroma is sure to energise. They are also an essential finishing touch to any home. We always ensure we have a number of candles to hand and am never without a Miller & Harris candle. The scent takes me back to when we lived in Switzerland. We would travel back for projects in Chelsea and stay in Kit Kemp’s luxurious Number 16 in Chelsea; such a special treat! I also adore L’Objet’s contemporary cool numbered candles, Cire Trudon’s iconic metallic seals and Diptyque’s handmade earthenware vessels. Keep a special look out for the Diptyque limited edition city candles, one of our all time favourite collections! From Paris to Miami their fabulous smells and stylised graphics are sure to revitalise.



Ambiance of sound

The warmer temperatures also allow you to throw open the windows again.  This ensures a delicious blast of fresh air; as well as access to beautiful birdsong, previously muffled by today’s ever efficient glazing! Sound is crucial to the ambiance of a home, and although I enjoy the sounds of the garden, music can also be used to create all manner of ambiances depending on the mood required. Whether it be relaxing notes or uplifting tunes, I lose myself in anything from Mozart to Moby!


We would always recommend an integrated sound system where possible, but there are also a number of fantastic blue tooth options on the market. These offer total flexibility and can also be used to make a style statement. We rather like the Libratone One Style Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in Cloudy Grey as the ultimate go anywhere solution, the Sony SRS-XB10 available in an impressive set of colour pop credentials, as well as the Dali Katch Portable Speaker which comes with that all essential leather handle detail.


Fun and games

As the children play increasingly in the garden, I always want to ensure that both house and garden have good measure of fun. The garden can be filled with all manner of wonderful activities from tree houses to skittles which are sure to excite and entice, but Jonathan Adler is our go to for some home classics.  From chess to tic-tac-toe, his products are made with a stunning mix of on-trend materials and have lashings of personality. The chess pieces even come with screen printed lips and moustaches!  No games recommendation, however, would be complete without an Alexandra Llewellyn backgammon board which we simply adore!! With a spring in our steps, we have chosen to feature the Silver Pheasant Set with a truly stunning design and colour combo!



Here’s to a wonderful Spring ahead and good luck with your own interior refresh!


Lead photo: Nick Smith, with products from The Conran Shop Strøm Collection
Flower photography: Pinterest, Unknown photographers
Sony SRS-XB10 image: Sony

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  • Donna Ford 11th March 2019   Reply →

    Lovely ideas and love that you’ve included all the senses!

    • Camilla Bellord 12th March 2019   Reply →

      Thanks so much Donna! I think we could all do with a bit of a sensory uplift!

  • Lin Warwick 12th March 2019   Reply →

    How up-lifting. Reading this is making me want to fill my house with beautiful flowers and candles.

    • Camilla Bellord 12th March 2019   Reply →

      Thanks so much Lin. We are glad you liked it!

  • Maria 17th March 2019   Reply →

    Flowers and candles, windows thrown open… yes to all of these! Lovely post touching on all our senses that help us reconnect with ourselves and refresh our homes for the warmer months ahead.

    • Camilla Bellord 18th March 2019   Reply →

      So glad you enjoyed it Maria!

  • Karen 17th March 2019   Reply →

    So nice to see Anemones in there – they were my wedding flowers so always remind me of Spring 🙂

    • Camilla Bellord 18th March 2019   Reply →

      Awesome choice of flowers for your wedding. I bet it was magical!

  • Hollie Brooks | Audenza 18th March 2019   Reply →

    Love these ideas – spring is the perfect time for a sensory refresh!

    • Camilla Bellord 18th March 2019   Reply →

      Hi Hollie. Oh yes! and can you believe Spring officially starts this week!

  • I love filling the house with scent and those diptique candles look divine too. Some lovely tips here for making the most of spring x

    • Camilla Bellord 18th March 2019   Reply →

      Glad you enjoyed the read Mary!

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