Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin furniture combines a sophisticated style with comfort, tradition and culture. Founded 40 years ago this year, Andrew Martin takes inspiration from a mix of cultures worldwide to create the most wonderfully eclectic portfolio of luxury furniture and artwork, including side tables, stools, chairs and tables. Here we showcase our favourite pieces from their collection.

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  • Graffiti Pear Sculpture

    Graffiti Pear Sculpture

  • Andrew Martin Floor Standing Lamp

    Judd Floor Standing Lamp

  • Muhammad Ali Neon Artwork

    Muhammad Ali Neon Artwork

  • Andrew Martin Vintage Leather Chest of Drawers

    Vintage Style Leather Chest of Drawers

  • Klaus Brass Sculpture, Andrew Martin Sculpture

    Klaus Brass Sculpture

  • Kate Moss Young Love Neon Artwork

    Kate Moss Young Love

  • Mickey Mouse Neon Artwork

    Mickey Mouse Neon Artwork

  • Samara antique bronzed sculpture, Andrew Martin artwork

    Samara Bronzed Sculpture

  • Andrew Martin Petrified Log Stools

    Petrified Wooden Stool

  • Andrew Martin Console Table

    Industrial Concrete Console Table

  • Andrew Martin Chest Of Drawers

    Charcoal Wool Chest Of Drawers

  • Andrew Martin Steel Chest, Andrew Martin Furniture

    Steel Cube Chest

  • Pair of Bowls Sculpture

    Pair of Bowls Sculpture

  • Andrew Martin Wooden stool Nicholson wooden stool

    Nicholson Wooden Stool

  • Andrew Martin Proust Desk Lamp

    Proust Desk Lamp

  • Andrew Martin Spitfire Pod Chair

    Classic Spitfire Pod Chair

  • Bamileke Stool

    Bamileke Ceremonial Tribal Stool