Bamileke Ceremonial Tribal Stool


An Andrew Martin black circular stool or side table, handmade in the grasslands of Cameroon, traditionally used as ceremonial seats by tribal chiefs. Carved from one piece of wood, the stool’s intricate pattern draws inspiration from the earth spider’s web which symbolising divine wisdom.
Each stool varies in both diameter and height as they are all handmade.Unique markings from the ageing process add charm and character.

Sold as an individual item.
H 40-45cm x DIA 35cm-60cm



Bamileke Ceremonial Tribal Stool:

The Bamileke stool, not only is it a beautiful piece of furniture but it also has the most enchanting story. The stool is handmade in the grasslands of Cameroon and was traditionally used as a ceremonial seat by tribal chiefs. Traditionally each stool is carved from one piece of wood by the tribe’s carpenters. The stool’s intricate pattern draws inspiration from the earth spider’s web, which symbolises divine wisdom.  Bamileke people believe the earth spider connects them to departed ancestors and allows their spirits to be present at ceremonies. The stools come in a variety of sizes, the largest and most intricate generally being reserved for the King!

The unique beauty and sculptural qualities of the Bamileke stool make it a stunning interior statement.  Its individual character can successfully be used in both traditional and contemporary interiors and mixed with a plethora of materials, textures and patterns.  It also offers endless placement possibilities;  a group of similar sized stools can be placed at equal intervals to dramatically punctuate the space and offer additional seating in front of a living room sofa, a selection of randomly sized stools can be placed to create a dynamic coffee table formation, a smaller grouping arranged as an original beside table setting, or individual stools placed next to all manner of occasional seating to add statement yet functional accents to a scheme.
The Bamileke stool is an iconic piece of furniture, with a truly unique heritage and design, and offers a versatile addition to any interior.

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