Handwoven Sequoia Jute Rugs

From: £465.00

A striking Elitis handwoven braided jute rug incorporating vibrant, geometric patterns in contrasting hues. Supplied with cotton backing.

Available in 2 colours and 2 sizes.

Approximately 80cm x 220cm or 200cm x 300cm




The Sequoia Jute Rug:

Many residences continue to opt for hard flooring throughout, particularly on ground and basement floors.  With a multitude of flooring products on the market, and these handwoven linen runners are always a great option.


These rugs are a perfect consideration to work in conjunction with hard flooring. Not only do they aesthetically bring warmth, character and soul, but they can also help spatially, acoustically and physically. With an ever-increasing trend towards open plan living, these rugs can be used to subtly define the function of an area; a space for lounging, study or play, a statement entrance or to accentuate direction of passage. The possibilities are endless!


The market offers an abundance of stunning flooring materials, stone and ceramic to name but a few. These materials, however, can accentuate noise as it bounces off their hard surfaces. For those with a young family, noise reduction can be a priority in your household and the use of rugs will significantly help to absorb some of those enthusiastic cries!


As an alternative to carpeting, rugs also bring a welcoming sense of comfort underfoot, and perhaps particular to young families, comfort “underknee”.  A rug can also be selected to sit harmoniously or in stark contrast to a scheme, as well as simply reflecting the key elements with careful detailing. 


The Sequoia rugs our one of our favourites. In keeping with our design ethos, they are all are constructed from the finest natural materials and incorporate exquisite designs and detailing. These wonderful rugs add a little something different, something special and can be incorporated in a multitude of ways.  

These rugs really are fabulous and will add a little magic to any interior!

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