Look Up In The Sky!


Look Up In The Sky is a signature work by Barbara smith. Fusing pop culture with cutting edge painting techniques, she has created the most striking of pieces, that would work well in any number of interiors.

Medium: water based paint on canvas.

Dimensions: 120cm x 150cm



This unique Superman painting is an original artwork by renowned Irish/French artist Barbara Smith. Look Up In The Sky is one of Barbara’s signature works, which fuses pop culture with cutting edge painting techniques, to create the most striking of pieces.

This piece is painted using water based paint on canvas.

As each work is made to order, the drip effect achieved will be unique and will vary slightly.

Dimensions: 120cm x 150cm

Lead time: 6 weeks

Barbara Smith Biography:

Irish-French artist Barbara Smith graduated from Goldsmith’s College in London and also trained with artist designer Javier Mariscal in Barcelona. Smith explores artistically through a wide range of mediums from painting, screenprints, sculpture and photography, often including visual references to popular culture, art history and comics. She mostly makes drip paintings and text paintings. She experiments with different textures such as sand or more recently glitter. Her work has been recently been exhibited in France including Le Grand Palais in Paris and participated at  “So Art & Design” organised by the Cézanne and Renoir Families in Megève. Exhibitions include the US (Pittsburgh, Miami “Aqua Art Miami during “Art Basel”, New York) and she was invited to display her work alongside Masters of Pop Art; Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselmann at The Cindy Lisica Gallery in Houston Texas last year. Barbara Smith currently lives and works in Brittany, France.