Shelving Statement Piece

Shelving with attitude!

Shelving offers more than just storage.  Character and impact can be added to your interior, by displaying elements which represent your interests, passions and memories.

These shelves were designed with the intention of creating a neutral backdrop to display a selection of books and objet which we have collected over the years;  a stunning acrylic box filled with gold leaf given to me by my dear friend Federica Palacios whom I worked with in Geneva for many years, our favourite photographic and design books which showcase work from The Greats, copies of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review which feature previous interior projects I have worked on, as well as a stunning statement sculpture given to me by Mr B for my 40th birthday.

The shelves were designed with careful consideration given to the dimensions of the objects and their placement, with vertical partitions added to accentuate key elements but also to assist with weight distribution.  The eclectic mix of possessions punctuate the interior with personality, but still sit harmoniously within the room.




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