Something Old Something New

Something Old, Something New!

Throughout history Cliveden has never ceased to entice or excite, perhaps most notably with the scandalous Profumo Affair!

Each time I visit, I see something new and inspirational and my last visit was no exception. As part of the National Trust’s “Trust New Art Programme” a series of exterior sculptures by the internationally acclaimed French sculptor, Bernar Venet, have been installed in the beautiful gardens.

The sculptures, some as high as 9 metres, create dramatic and imposing silhouettes. The form of the monolithic arches organically changes with every step that you take and therefore challenges your pre-existing perceptions of space.  They enthrall all who visit, even our four year old twin boys Max and Benji.

The sculptures sit harmoniously against the classical back drop of the estate, and clearly demonstrate that old and new can successfully be mixed with stunning results.  I love this eclectic design philosophy and truly believe it should be embraced internally as well. By mixing old and new, an exciting interior that combines heritage and contemporary living can be created, as well as help reduce our global footprint by re-using existing elements.

More details of the exhibition can be found at:

Bernar Venet



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